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Just keeping you up to date.... Hope you are OK.  ...Mabel
Mabel Wagner

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Subject: Trellis Bay Sailing Rally -- Brochure Attached
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Five hundred Polish sailors on multiple visits to the British Virgin Islands. . . . . with a tiny footprint -- sounds like sustainable tourism  -- except for the jet plane travel, anyway. . . . . 

The attached brochure announces the Second Wagner Sailing Rally in the BVI, which commemorates Władysław (Wladek) Wagner, the "first Polish yachtsman," who left Poland in 1932 to sail around the world and who ended up eventually settling in Trellis Bay, Beef Island Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where he built a boatyard and marine railway.

His widow, Mabel Wagner, now resident in Winter Park, Florida, has memorialized Wagner's achievements with her autobiography "Lest I Forget," which concentrates on the Wagner's period of living in and developing Trellis Bay in the BVI. The book can still be ordered for $35 directly from Mrs. Wagner by check at:

Mabel Wagner
2539 Leeward Way
Winter Park, FL  32792

In addition to its picture of early, truly sustainable yachting tourism in the Eastern Caribbean, Lest I Forget and a previous biography of Wagner stimulated new generations (and veterans from past generations) of Polish and Polish-descended yachtsmen to hold a global rally at Trellis Bay, Tortola in January, 2012. This was so much enjoyed by all that a second rally is now planned for February 2015. (For more details about the rally, contact <Zbyszek.Turkiewicz@yahoo.com>. 

Bruce Potter

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Wagner SailingRally BVI 2015



The year 2012 brought us the FIRST WAGNER SAILING RALLY, WSR2012.
The Rally comprised three events:
1) January 21-22 Wladyslaw Wagner Sailing Rally at Trellis Bay, Beef Island, British Virgin Islands.,
2) July 8th The unveiling , at Marine Education Centre, ZHP, of a 
plaque commemorating the start in 1932 of Wagner's circumnavigation under sail.
Also to bid farewell to the visiting yacht ZJAWA 1V as she commenced her voyage 'By the Sun and Stars'
3) Sept.2-5th The symbolic ending of Wagner's 7 year circumnavigation enacted by Zjawa 1V leaving Gt. Yarmouth, England, to complete the final passage (interrupted by WW II) to and
arrival at , Gdynia , Poland.
The events were well attended by over 500 Polish Sailors from Canada, USA, Gt. Britain. and 60 or more sailing vessels including the visiting  s/y FREDRYK CHOPIN.
It would be safe to claim that such a joyous celebration and gathering of Polish Sailors was indeed, a FIRST in the history of  Polish Sailing and a memorable tribute to the brave,  young sailor of 1932 , Wladyslaw Wagner who brought the sea and sailing to our attention.
A SECOND Wagner Sailing Rally is slated for
                            FEBRUARY 6-7-8, 2015,
again at Trellis Bay, Beef Island, British Virgin Islands.
WE, the Polish Sailors and Sailing Clubs assembled under the Polish Yachting Association of North America, have begun the initial preparations
                      ALL sailors from Poland and elsewhere
                      ALL sailing clubs, associations, organisations
                      ALL whose sailing dreams lead to far, remote places
                      ALL who 'sail' from the comfort of their recliner
                      ALL tall ships.........
to C O M E!!!!!!
                                                                                                                                                              &nb sp;                                               Composition: Mabel Wagner
Wagner Sailing Rally – Tortola, BVI 2015
1.       Opening of the Władysław Wagner Museum.
2.       Trellis Bay Video Festival „I’m Sailing”. The movie will be chosen from a number of submitted entries.
3.       Finals of the photography contest, „Polish Sailors in the World” (Send in your pictures to the Contest Committee.)
4.       Symposium, „Wagner opened the seas and the oceans to us.”
5.       Shanties Festival under the stars.
6.       Polish yachts parade, including S/Y  „Zjawa IV”.
7.       „Visiting Sir Francis Drake” – a show.
 Details (subject to change)
Feb. 6,  2015  –  Registration of yachts: Trellis Bay, Beef Island, BVI.
                             Commemorating plaque, T-shirt, books, brochures, etc.
                          16:00 – Cyber Café: Shanties
                          18:00 - Argon Studio: Sailing photography exposition
                          20:00  - Meeting for attendees of the Rally at „The Last Resort”
Feb. 7,  2015 – 12:00  -  Grand opening
                                    -  Presentations of guests and participants
                                    -  Opening of the Władysław Wagner Museum
                         15:00 - 18:00 – Visiting yachts and ships
                         16:00  -  Cyber Cafe: Shanties
                         20:00  -  „Visiting Sir Francis Drake” – a show.
Feb. 8,  2015 – 10:00 – Sailors’ Holy Mass
                        12:00 – Yachts parade and a salute to s/y „Zjawa IV”
                                    - Farewell to Tall Ships
                        16:00 – Shanties Festival                                   
                                    - Video Festival – Awards ceremony
                                    - Photography contest – Awards ceremony
                        19:00 – Formal closing of the rally, lowering flags
                                              - Pirates’ Ball
                                              - Fireworks
Feb. 9,  2015 - 11:00  - Regatta Wagner Cup: Trellis Bay  -  Jost Van Dyke.